Collaborative Defense against Cyber Threats
A Complete Suite for Automated Phishing Incidence Response, Security Awareness, Phishing Readiness & Policy Compliance
PhishRod is a leading anti phishing solutions provider with an objective to develop technologies that enables people in the organizations to combat cyber attacks. With it's headquarter in US and regional office in Middle East, PhishRod has a strong partner network across Middle East, Africa, Europe & Australia.

PhishRod was established to address the threats vector related to phishing. It's aim is to develop workable solutions that empower people in the organization to be the first line of defense and play an active role in threat identification.

It's solutions facilitate the security professionals in the organizations to identify weakest link in the organization and automates the cyber security awareness framework.
Security Solution
Investigate suspicious emails with the ability to quarantine and ultimately delete phishing emails from the end user’s mail box
Phishing Simulator
Assess end user’s behavior against phishing attacks
KPI driven approach to phishing readiness
Centralized dashboards for end user behavior analysis
Integrated solution for phishing readiness, security awareness, policy compliance & automated phishing incident response
Security Awareness Manager
Use analytics driven approach to automate your security awareness program
Customizable content with regional preferences
Centralized dashboard for security awareness
Integrated solution for phishing readiness, security awareness, policy compliance and phishing incident response
Policy Compliance Manager
Enforce corporate policies on end users and keep track of compliance and consent
Simplified policy approval, compliance & consent
Centralized dashboard for policy compliance
Integrated solution phishing readiness, security awareness, policy compliance and phishing incident response
Security Awareness as a Service
Develop, automate and execute high impact awareness program with minimum resources
Gap Analysis against cyber security awareness
Cyber skills assessment via survey
Cyber skills assessment via gamification
Development of cyber security awareness framework
Automation of the security awareness program
Phishing simulation as a service
Policy compliance as a service
Customized security awareness content development
Security awareness workshops
Security awareness day
PhishScout Datasheet
Phishing Simulator Datasheet
Security Awareness as a Service Datasheet
Security Awareness Manager Datasheet
Policy Compliance Manager Datasheet
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