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Protect your data, applications, websites, infrastructure on-prem and cloud with solutions from best-of-breed security vendors

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Brand Protection
Safeguard brand from infringements and counterfeiters
Data Security
Keep data secured and against unauthorized access and breaches
Digital Rights Management
Secure sensitive data through its entire life cycle, everywhere it travels, no matter who has it or where it is stored
Email Security
Protect email accounts, content and communication against unauthorized access, loss or compromise
Content Security
Secure websites and applications against cyberattacks
Browser Security
Prevent all threats from the web when surfing and ensure enterprise apps are accessed via a trusted browser
Active Directory Security
Prevent attackers from stealing and compromising active directory to gain access to organizations' resources
Endpoint Security
Protect devices from malicious threats and cyberattacks
Infrastructure Security
Fortify critical infrastructure and bring down vulnerabilities to prevent cyberattacks from succeeding
Cloud Security
Extend security to cloud-based infrastructure, applications and data
In-house security experts offering consulting, managed services, professional and implementation services to deploy best-of-breed solutions
Why work with us?
Today's threat landscape needs a Specialized Security Distributor like Complete Solution Finder
Today's landscape can change drastically overnight, as threats evolve so quickly and organizations having existing security solutions in place may find the build-up not agile enough to respond to ever increasing and sophisticated attacks.

If the existing solution is using the best-of-suite approach with one major solution provider, the entire organization may be brought down by cyberattacks and business is going to be severely impacted. Hence, it is recommended to take the best-of-breed approach to allow more specialized security solutions to mitigate risks, enable more flexibility and have more vendor independence.

Being your trusted cybersecurity distributor headquartered in Singapore since 2007, Complete Solution Finder partners with best-of-breed security vendors, focusing on offering a unique combination of comprehensive defence-in-depth cybersecurity solutions using the most advanced technology to protect organizations from all threats and vulnerabilities on their critical infrastructure, applications, network, cloud and IOT.
Awarded Top Cyber Security Companies 2021 by APAC CIOoutlook, Complete Solution Finder is backed up by an in-house technical team of experts with diverse in-depth cybersecurity experiences to ensure our partners and customers have the peace of mind.
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