Effective, Affordable Cybersecurity for Everyone
Arctic Security is a change agent, a disruptor in cybersecurity with a mission to help people defend their assets. It is dedicated to identifying cybersecurity threats before they negatively affect your business.

Arctic Security is an enabler for defenders which helps identify the early signs of security breaches and vulnerable services through reliable data. It will look at the outcome – what happened and how – and share the data with you as it happens. It’s simple and straightforward. This way, you can rule out many cybersecurity incidents before they take a toll on your business.

It’s solutions are affordable, automated, and avoid creating workloads for you. Early Warning Service is efficient and versatile as a standalone service but also adds value as a complementary module alongside existing cybersecurity management measures.
Security Solution
Arctic EWS
The most reliable and cost-effective way to discover and fix cybersecurity issues before they cause harm
Arctic EWS is Arctic Security’s early warning service. It has been designed by cybersecurity experts with experience in national cybersecurity to keep your network safe 24/7. Every day, it processes over 15 million cyber threat observations across 80,000 organizations and 80 vulnerable services and matches relevant ones to your assets to provide you with quick, actionable threat intelligence.
An effective tool that reduces vulnerabilities
Actionable and straightforward reporting
High-quality security monitoring reports
Constant 24/7 monitoring of your network
The most cost-effective way to compile a list of cloud assets
A real-time alert system
Arctic EWS Brochure
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