From Brand Protection to Online Threat Hunting
BrandShield is a brand-oriented digital risk protection company, that specializes in monitoring, detection, and removal of digital threats such as phishing attempts, executive impersonation, counterfeit products, trademark infringements, and more.

BrandShield was established to revolutionize the way companies can protect their digital assets outside their security perimeter. Ever since the launch, it has introduced groundbreaking innovative features and services to provide the most automated and relevant solutions for the 21st century, such as Patterns detection, built-in enforcement case management, cross-brand detection, The Matrix detection cross-platform, mobile apps monitoring, and more.
Security Solution
BrandShield detects and hunts online threats: Phishing attacks, fraud, executive impersonations, counterfeits, brand abuse, and take them down.
Fully managed service
Brandshield's enforcement managers and threat hunters will monitor, detect, alert and takedown threats on your behalf.
Domain protection
24/7 monitoring of new domain registrations to provide fraudulent domain protection including Cybersquatting, Typosquatting, domain spoofing, IDN fraud, Advanced fraud network detection and more.
Website content monitoring
Deep website content analysis for fraudulent website detection, including code review and meta-tags. Content analysis includes logo and image recognition (against visual spoofing), Search engine result (SERP rank) and SEO rank, link analysis, inactive domain activation notification (content change alert), and more.
Social media protection
Monitor 13 major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Telegram and more), to detect brand/company impersonation pages, social phishing scams, spoofed accounts (users, pages, groups etc.), whaling attacks (CEO fraud), fraud networks.
Mobile app protection
Monitor major application platforms to detect fraud attempts, look-a-like and infringing apps (unauthorized use in logos, slogans etc.). Feature includes fraudulent APK detection and spoofed app detection.
Blacklisting and takedowns
BrandShield is equipped with automatic hunting capabilities and active attack blacklisting (browsers, antivirus, antispam etc.). Service includes advanced investigation capabilities such as cross- platform network detection, forensic analysis, creative takedown (based on different legal claims), online to offline investigations, and more.
Website copy detector
Detect and remove duplicates of your websites , common method used in phishing attacks.
Annual takedowns
You will be assigned a dedicated anti-phishing threat hunter, and an enforcement manager, a certified lawyer with IP and trademark background.
BrandShield Online Threat Hunting
BrandShield Anti-Phishing
Threat Intelligence vs Brand Protection
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